Income Share Agreement (ISA) Program

pre-apprenticeship program
Income Share Agreement (ISA)


Income Share Agreement (ISA)





Software Engineer


PROGRAM:   Pre-Apprenticeship

CAREER:       Software Engineer

SALARY:       $65,000





Software Engineer or Data Engineer


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The Tech Pre-Apprenticeship program is offered by San Diego Workforce Partnership via a partnership with Creating Coding Careers. Through its unique ISA model, the pre-apprenticeship has been designed to prepare individuals to begin pursuing a career in Software Engineering. Creating Coding Careers proudly serves an educational partner, deepening our commitment to serving critical lifelong learning and skill development, particularly to underrepresented individuals in the tech community. Graduates that complete the 12-week Pre-Apprenticeship program will have priority admission into a paid one year apprenticeship at Creating Coding Careers.

This WIOA Title I - funded program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program and auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

What is an Income Share Agreement (ISA)?

The San Diego Workforce Partnership's Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a new and innovative way to finance education. Rather than students paying a cost up front for training, they pay after they complete training and have landed a job making a living wage. Repayment is based on a percentage of income earned on the job. If you don't land a job, you don't pay.

What's Included in a San Diego Workforce Partnership ISA?

San Diego Workforce Partnership's ISA model for certificate-based programs is grounded in philanthropic funding and not only is there a strict cap on how much students repay, each dollar repaid replenishes the Renewable Learning Fund for future students.

As well as receiving instruction from industry professionals at Creating Coding Careers, participants will also have access to a network of support for technology, transportation, and other services to empower you to be successful inside the classroom and on the job the following services provided by the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

How does the Pre-apprenticeship work?

Students can apply and are accepted into cohorts on a rolling basis. The program is 12 weeks in length. Classes are held Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Attendance is currently remote DUE TO COVID-19 however the program will return to in-person classes as soon as it is safe to do so. Students are enrolled in the San Diego Workforce Partnership program pay $12,000 in tuition or may defer all up front costs with financing. Eligible participants may qualify for State, Federal, and private grant funded tuition assistance as well as earn a $2,000 stipend for completing the pre-apprenticeship program. San Diego Workforce Partnership will allow qualified participants to finance 100% of the cost of the pre-apprenticeship program with an ISA.

Students that graduate from the Workforce Partnerships Pre-apprenticeship program will earn priority admission into Creating Coding Careers DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program for Software Engineering.

Where can find more information or apply?

Creating Coding Careers provides educational support and services to San Diego Workforce Partnership as well as its students. If you would like more information please submit an application and one of our staff will follow up with you.

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