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The Tech Pre-Apprenticeship program is the perfect first step for individuals pursuing a career in Application Development, Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Tech Sales, or Product Management. Creating Coding Careers proudly serves as  your educational partner, deepening our commitment to serving critical lifelong learning and skill development, particularly to underrepresented individuals in the tech community.

Graduates that complete Tech Pre-Apprenticeship program may be accepted into a paid one year apprenticeship at Creating Coding Careers. Completion of the pre-apprenticeship does not guarantee admission, but it will equip you with all the skills needed to pursue a new collar career in technology.

This WIOA Title I funded program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program and auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.


A pre-apprenticeship program open to anyone with
a desire to enter a tech career.
Flexible and effective learning support

  • 100% FREE, online and remote
  • Up to 24 weeks to complete and earn a digital certificate
  • Access to weekly community learning events
  • Access to a dedicated chat channel for discussions/support
  • Career placement assistance, including pre-qualify for apprenticeship

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What does this training cost?

Nothing. This program is free as in FREE. You don't pay anything and you don't owe us anything.

Who is this right for?

Anyone that wants to launch a career in tech. This program is designed for absolute beginners, but you should be comfortable using a computer, keyboard and mouse. You should be able to type at least 30 words per minute, and be comfortable using a web browser.

What are the requirements?

We want all participants to be successful. We anticipate that you will be committed to the program, and in return we will help you navigate the learning process.
  • Dedicate a minimum 15 hours per week to learning activities
  • Remain active (progress will be tracked using our Learning Management System)
  • Pass the required knowledge checks/quizzes
  • Regularly engage with your accountability partner

How does the Pre-apprenticeship work?

  • Students can apply and are accepted into cohorts starting every Tuesday.
  • Enrollment in the program is for up to 24 weeks in length to qualify for a digital certificate.
  • Community events are open to enrolled participants. 
  • Attendance is 100% remote and online and accessible to anyone world wide.  
  • Once you are accepted you can enroll as early as within a week or if you are not ready you defer to a later start date to ensure you can complete in the time frame.
  • You will study, practice, and work through the curriculum with support from our team and our community of learners
  • Build real world projects, create a portfolio of work, and begin your journey to a career in technology

What should I expect after finishing?

By the end of the pre-apprenticeship you have gained essential 21st century worker skills as well as obtained practical hands-on experience in web development and will be able to:
  • Demonstrate early career development skill in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Design, develop, and style web pages
  • Discuss how to test and debug web applications
  • Explain the principles of UX and UI design
  • Describe how to work with version control systems
  • Demonstrate how to leverage modern web development tools and technologies

Where can I apply?

There is no cost to apply. If you are ready to get started please submit an application.

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